Training in situational leadership and delegation

So, what is your leadership style – authoritarian or democratic, concern for task  or concern for men, transforming or transactional?

Well, it is neither.

My leadership style does not depend on ME, but on some factors outside me. It depends on the group I am dealing with and the task they are involved in.


With a group low in ability for the task concerned, I’ll use a style that clarifies the steps of the task to them explicitly but will not allow them to question it. With another group that is proficient in the task being undertaken, I’ll just set out the objectives to be achieved and let them be.


This is how I customize my leadership style as per the group. Now how do I customize it as per the task or situation?


If a fire has broken out, I’ll pass clear commands to be obeyed, brooking no discussion on ‘how about this’ and ‘how about that’. But once the fire has been doused and we are sitting around a coffee table, I’ll let them present plans and plans on ‘how to do it better next time’, while I coolly sip my coffee.


Leadership is not a game of what you are good at, but what they need. ‘They’ is a combination of the group and the task.


It is called situational leadership. It provides you a wide range of options to choose from, depending on the situation.

Used properly, it can also help develop subordinates and keep you from managing their monkeys.

A monkey is a job which properly should be handled by your subordinate but since you haven’t learnt the right techniques of delegation, you end up doing it. The monkey leaps from his shoulder to yours. learn how to manage monkeys.


This will empower your leader with the art of ‘getting it done’ rather than what they have been used to till now i.e. ‘doing it themselves’.

In this, they’ll also learn how to set up a system of accountability wherein a stallion and an ass is not treated as same. Different strokes for different folks. Leaders have a responsibility to ruthlessly weed out the incompetent or unwilling.


Getting your people trained in practical situational leadership is the best investment you’ll ever make in the organisation.

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