Embed Innovation in Organisation DNA

Innovation structure

Sustained competitive advantage is gained not by ad-hoc creative improvisations, but by a disciplined approach towards systematic innovation. It needs to be embedded in the very DNA of the organization. There is a clear distinction between idea management and innovation management. To truly create an organization that embraces innovation, you have to create an effective, convenient platform for submission of ideas and collaboration those ideas.

A one size fits all approach does not work here. Teams responsible for different types of challenges need different structures, management policies and  and incentivization schemes.


How we can help


We consult with you to make sure all issues are addressed and leave you with a plan and implementation for long term innovation for your organization. Here are some of the systems we set up for you –

  • An Idea Management system, for effective employee engagement and feeding the innovation engine.
  • An Innovation management system that takes up ideas from several sources and converts the million dollar ideas into actual million dollars in the bank.
  • Training on various innovation tools and techniques.
  •  A powerful online support system and self learn web tools.

Idea Management

  • A robust idea pipeline –  Occasional ideas through enthusiastic workers will not suffice. Launching of idea themes and idea activators are necessary.
  • Idea submission system – Get one which facilitates  submission and allows for idea hitch-hiking.
  •  Build and improve participation –  Create role models, communities of practice and innovation catalysts.
  • Beware the pitfalls of rewards – Average reward per adopted idea is $2.83 in Japan and $602 in US. Average number of ideas per employee in Japan is 37.4 and 0.12 for US. Get the idea!
  • Idea evaluation and feedback — Get peers to evaluate an idea for its intrinsic worth, and the management to do so for implementation  worth. In all cases, communicate decisions.

Innovation Management

  • Team composition and control – Projects of incremental innovation call for specific, quantitative,realistic goals with objective performance evaluation systems. Projects of radical innovation are quite the opposite.
  • Experiment with low cost and high speed –  Have a mechanism for quick and dirty experimentation to bust assumptions and ground with reality. Prototype and validate.
  • Move fast from prototyping to incubation – After a point, the idea must move from the lab to the market. Here it hits new hurdles that must be avoided and managed.
  • Create a window for outsourced and open innovation – All brains will never work under your roof. Use co-creation techniques and idea-brokering platforms
Integrate the idea management system with the innovation management system. Then, integrate the two with the complete organisation.

Let it work like a well oiled machine giving you benefits of good employee engagement as well as sustained competitive advantage through innovation projects.

A complete, self sustainable system for growth from within.

We can help in setting it up and thereafter supporting it.