Our Services

Innovation Project support - Full

We partner with your team to guide and support your innovation projects.

Several online and offline discussions, market visits and interviews, ideation sessions, prototyping and launch. Typically, a 6- 12 week span.


  • Innovation challenge on ANY deliverable – marketing, business, technical or business model. See some possibilities here.
  • Can start with clear cut challenge or broad challenge ( to be converted into clear cut challenge through deliberations).
  • Likely projects span 6-12 weeks; your selected team working with our facilitator.
  • About 6-8 contact days; other days for designated work at own pace.
  • Contact days for customer/site visits, expert interviews and other ethnography measures for insight collection, ideation, prototyping etc.
  • Constant collaboration through an On-line workshop tool on our site.
  • Availability of different triggers and methodology to suit the situation – customer trends, marketing trends, technology trends or business model trends.

Innovation Project support - Partial

A project is just a collection of its constituents i.e, several stages that occur sequentially. You may well want to use our service only for one or more of the stages and not the full project.


Why not? We also offer dedicated specialised services for each of the 12 typical stages all projects go through. Works for technical as well as managerial requirement, R&D teams, entrepreneurs, product managers, start-ups and incubators.


Look up details here.


Basic tools workshops on Innovation process, Trends, TRIZ  (technical, Managerial), Business Models.

Learn the techniques, as applicable to your specific needs. Step-wise and systematic tools.


  • Training in business innovation process, Trend-watch, TRIZ  or Business Models.
  • Leadership training too undertaken.
  • Training in basic skills, as applicable in your context.
  • Likely duration 3-4 days.
  • Dedicated measures to reduce the workshop-workplace divide ; online forum to serve as post workshop dripfeed mechanism, connect with superiors too, self-help learning tools etc.
  • All training as step-by-step, systematic, ‘How-to’ tools.

Suggestion Box and Innovation system Set-up

We help set up your Idea management system ( Suggestion Box scheme) and Innovation management system.

We will set up a simple yet effective, mobile based suggestion box scheme which will significantly improve employee engagement, shop-floor practices and also provide some inputs for innovation projects. World class product, being constantly upgraded.

Then, an innovation management system, getting inputs from the suggestion box scheme and other sources.



  • Consultancy to set up initially and monitor, mentor thereafter.
  • No off the shelf products; solutions only after detailed study of your needs.
  • Aligning strategy with innovation projects.
  • Set-up innovation system- hierarchy & responsibilities, innovation catalysts, initiate themes and idea pipeline management measures, innovation team management measures etc
  • Regular up-grades

'Design Project'support for Indian SME

MSMEs can use our product development expertise under government scheme.

60% subsidy for design projects of INR 9-15 lacs.


  • We are empanelled with the Design Clinic scheme of Govt of India and NID Ahmedabad
  • Design projects of MSMEs can be taken up by us for major product development – problem solving as well as opportunity spotting.
  • Design projects are opportunities identified as design interventions for betterment of individual unit’s performance in the area of products, process, operation, communication and multi functional activities.
  • 60% subsidy by government. Avail this fantastic opportunity.
  • Combine the benefits of government subsidy with our expertise to deliver product and process solutions.

Distance Online support

We research your innovation needs and provide relevant innovation triggers on a regular basis.


Triggers, as obtained from global agencies, sent to you as monthly bulletins


  • Ideal for distant clients seeking critical triggers as inputs for their brain-storming teams.
  • After identifying your areas of  concerns and innovation set-up, we will send relevant triggers ( trends – marketing or technical, business model etc ), complete with guidelines on ways to use them in your brain-storming sessions.
  • All triggers, news etc collected from global agencies on a regular basis and curated by us.
  • Also, inspirational news and developments in your field.