My Learning Toolbox

My Learning toolbox
Looking for help on creativity, innovation, leadership, decision making and/or English language?

Thinking of attending a workshop for it? Why? Do you buy a cow when all you need is a dash of milk for your tea?

Why not use self-help, DIY, web tools from My Toolbox. Access from anywhere, use and move on.
Developed like apps through the technique of guided facilitation. Screen-by-screen guidance. Learning-by-doing.

These tools encompass pretty much all needs that you come across in daily life.Just master these and you’ll never be found wanting again. Simple and direct.

–6 tools on creativity & innovation

–2 tools on decision making

–2 programs to improve written English

–1 full e-workshop to make you more creative

A. Contradiction Resolver – This tool will help you resolve all possible problems/situation arising out of a contradiction that I need it as also I need its opposite. Details. Also available, a free 15 minute sampler.

B. Purpose & Value– Discover the larger needs of your customer so you may create products and services that are higher in his value chain. Details. Also available, a 15 minute free sampler.

C. Perspective Changer; 9 Windows – Need ‘out of box thinking’? To do so, you need to be able to zoom-in and zoom-out of box, at will. Details. Also available,a 15 minute free sampler

D.Global Best Practices & Triggers – Study of breakthrough products globally have revealed best practices that can be used by all for their product/process. Details. Also available, a 15 minute free sampler.

E. Get more from the good; Manage the Bad – Every activity results in some good results but also some bad ones. What if could boost up whatever is good and reduce whatever is bad? Details. Also available, a 15 minute free sampler.

F. One Issue; Many Solutions – Move from a symptom to a solution More than that, it offers several solutions, at various levels. Details. Also available, a 15 minute free sampler.

A. Single-Party Decisions– While making a decision, do you find it difficult to decide between conflicting and changing criterion of satisfaction? Are you troubled that the decision making exercise leaves you more confused than confident? If so, this course is for you. This comes under ‘decision making under certainty’. In ‘decision making under certainty’ the uncertainty is not about the situation. What you are not sure of is your own mind. This tool provides an easy solution by imposing a temporary structure to intuitive thinking. Use it and you’ll never regret your decision. Details. Also available, a 15 minute free sampler.

B. Multi-party decisions – Unlike simple, single-party decision making, there are several scenarios where the situation itself is not clear. You must make a decision based on possible scenarios rather than a certain one. This is decision making in a fog best tackled by elements of Game Theory. Game theory provides specific techniques for 5 typical situations. These give you the best chance even in an uncertain environment. Simple, step-by-step adaptation of techniques of Game Theory, for use by decision makers in a competitive scenario.Details. Also available, a 15 minute free sampler.

WriteCorrect English – Tutorials and Interactive practice. A highly interactive, practice oriented course on essentials of writing English easily, suited for the basic users. Emphasis on correcting mistakes of grammar, punctuation and usage, normally committed by such users. A comprehensive tutorial covering the gap between theoretical knowledge of grammar and its application. Details. Also available, a 20 minute free sampler
WriteBetter English – Tutorials and Interactive practice. An interactive course for the advanced user of English – those who know and write grammatically correct English. However, the composition is verbose, indirect and clichéd. Emphasis of this course is on reducing verbosity and improving directness & clarity. Guidelines to write culture-free English and thus reduce burden on non-native English readers. In addition, adequate coverage of typical errors in grammar and usage, even by advanced user. Details. Also available, a 20 minute free sampler.
This is a special, never-before effort that solves most headaches of an L&D managers seeking their people to become creative yet not able to spare them for full time workshops. Also, for individuals who want to become creative themselves but can’t wait to attend face-to-face workshops.

This is a complete workshop accessed entirely through your smart phone.  Learn from where ever you are in the world.

Innovative design. Learning from multi-media resources – 7 learning videos, 4 experiential activities and 15 step-by-step creativity techniques based on the guided facilitation techniques.

6 modules completed best in 6 weeks. Additional 6 weeks available as cushion. Enrolled on our learning space – Personal Learning Environment -Mahara – for one year.

Additional option for dedicated web chats with trainer, if desired, as paid extra.

Go here to see outline of contents, other FAQs and enrol.

Also available, a free 20 minute sampler.