We have a 6 theme approach to leadership and broadly use the same in training or interventions. Our new book – Leadership for Colonels and Business Managers – too, is based on these 6 themes. Also, we focus mainly on the ‘How to’ (skills, techniques) of it. The ‘What & Why’ (Knowledge) are included only as is necessary to support the techniques.

Theme 1 - One-to-One relationships between Leader and Follower

Social and Organizational psychology
  • Situational Leadership – How to lead as per strengths of follower rather than those of the leader
  • Motivation – How to motivate and how not to not demotivate
  • Feedback – How to provide feedback – performance enhancement and performance review feedbacks
  • Incentives – How not to give equal treatment to unequals
  • Performance management – How to praise, reprimand and punish
  • Monkey management – How to not end up doing the work of subordinates

Theme 2 - One-to-Many relationships between Leader and Group

Group Dynamics
  • Effect of feelings towards leader on group PSD – Would you much rather be loved or respected?
  • Effect of cohesiveness on group dynamics – How does cohesiveness of group affect productivity
  • Group structure and its processes – How to select a group process to suit the group structure
  • Team Roles – How to nourish all parts of the group
  • Groupthink – How it happens and techniques to beat it
  • Team Spirit – How not to let ‘groupy’ team spirit spoil your team

Theme 3 - Organizational Development

Development of organization by Leader
  • Learning Organization – How to create one with Double Loops
  • Organizational structure – How to correct the ‘Effectiveness Areas’
  • Feedback Channels – How to keep them open
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast – How to be wary of slow poison
  • Acts of Commission and Omission – How to hold people responsible for both types
  • Relevance of rules – Strict versus unfair rules
  • Don’t protect the unworthy – How to be cruel to be kind

Theme 4 - Leadership Practices and Behavior

Good leadership practices and behavior
  • Modes of engagement – Tranfrmational or Transactional
  • The Leadership challenges – Six good leadership praactices
  • Clarifying oneself – Making your expectations known
  • Compliance – How to get complaince
  • Practical tips – How to facilitate Meetings & Discussions

Theme 5 - Cognitive development of leader

Think better. Decide better
  • Handling complexity – How to act in complex and competitive environments
  • Decision Making – How to make better decisions, How to avoid the hidden traps in decision making
  • Thinking through – How to look ahead and reason back
  • Game theory – How to use techniques of game theory to better decision making under uncertainty
  • Peripheral thinking

Theme 6 - Topics of specific interest to combat forces

The secret sauce that makes armies tick
  • Primary group cohesion – Why soldiers fight
  • The special realtionship between officer and soldiers
  • What type of subordinated should we promote
  • Importance of logistics and administration
  • Command Pride – The only pleasure of command
  • Aspects of training
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