LEADERSHIP – Training, hand-holding and coaching for top management

Managing external environment
Having moved up from middle management, top leaders have now to deal with complexity. Complexity is all about unpredictability and chaos, wherein making sense of the noise is more important than reacting to it.
They also have to develop peripheral vision, where they are able to sense the threats and opportunities while they are still far away, on the periphery.
And of course, they have to question the status quo, not comply or adapt.
All aspects of strategic thinking.
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Managing internal environment
With some of them still having to deal with a department, they need to perfect the art of ‘getting it done’rather than the penchant for ‘doing it themselves’. Delegation and monkey management is easy, once you know the techniques for it.
Situational leadership helps in selecting a leadership style to suit the competence and commitment level of the subordinate, not your own.
They also must know all about the Ringlemann effect (social loafing) i.e. people with low accountability tend to pull lesser in a crowd.
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Managing performance
Feedback is the breakfast of champions but many leaders don’t give this to their subordinates. And when they give, it is just Zap! They mix up badly between the appraisal and developmental needs of feedback. The former calls for a brutal assessment of what is while the latter is a gentle coaxing of what should be.
Leaders need to learn the art of performance management – its design and its process. The ‘Tell and Sell’, ‘Tell and listen’ and the ‘Problem Solving’ variants of the performance interview offer enough flexibility.
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Managing Decisions
The buck of decision making stops at this desk.

Top leaders need to master the qualitative aspects as well as the quantitative aids to decision making.

Game theory – based on the science of strategic thinking – offers simple tips of decision making that can provide a huge competitive edge in business. With this, you can out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition. Aids to decision styles and strategies help further.

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