Innovation – Competitive advantage through ideas, products and processes

Innovation Buddy - My Learning ToolBox
As an innovator, you don’t really need our face-to-face support. We have developed My Toolbox just for you, covering most of  the situations that you may come across in any innovation journey. Also includes a full DIY, self paced workshop on ‘Become Creative in 6 weeks’.

Developed on a multi-media, interactive platform, these are step-by-step techniques adapted from world class innovation disciplines e.g. TRIZ and others.

My Learning Toolbox here .

Embed Innovation in your DNA
Sustained competitive advantage is gained not by ad-hoc creative improvisations, but by a sustainable approach. It needs to be embedded in the very DNA of the organization.

Use all your people to generate ideas. They will get a better sense of belonging and you’ll get ideas for free. Thereafter, selected ideas can be put through a more rigorous process of innovation.

Embed systems for Idea Management as well as Innovation Management.

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Some Specialized techniques
In some situations, you’ll need to follow the voice of the customer and, in some, the voice of the product. There are different techniques for each.

Depending on the situation, innovation can be achieved through one or more of these techniques – TRIZ, Trends and Business models. Each of these have their distinctive strengths. We select the ones most suited for your need.

More on these techniques here