Free subscription (till 20 Feb) to two self paced, interactive e-courses on Improving English

I am offering free usage of two of my e-courses on improving written English. This offer starts now and will remain till 20 Feb. Once enrolled, you can use it free for 4 weeks. After 20 Feb, both courses revert to being paid courses for INR 799 per course for 75 day access.

There are two different courses. The WriteCorrect course is for those who are really weak in grammar. They need to CORRECT their English.The WriteBetter course, on the other hand, is for those who have little problem with grammar but write Shakespearean English i.e. verbose and unclear in a business perspective. They need to BETTER their English.

Both courses are full of lessons, exercises and learning resources. The interactivity we have been able to achieve must be seen to be believed. Why not try them? Are free for now.

English WriteCorrect course

English WriteBetter course

You can Self-Enrol – The video message shows how to self enrol. It talks of the free sampler, but works also for thesse two full courses (till 20 Feb). In case of any problem, do write to me at

Video details of how to self-enrol

Do look up all our e-courses at We can create such courses for your specific needs too. +91 9821677859 India

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